Amplify 2016: Enhancing the mobile experience with customer experience management

By Karen He

Thousands of business leaders will convene at Amplify 2016 on May 16–18, 2016, in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida. These leaders from around the world will meet to share their own experiences regarding customer experience management and engage in rich discussions on how to improve customer experiences across channels and devices.

The importance of thorough analytics

Across many industries, brands must understand their customers’ experiences and interactions along their journeys. Most Amplify attendees will tell you that it’s nearly impossible to do that with traditional analytics. Leaders understand — they prioritize data analysis efforts, but it’s extremely hard to execute them effectively. Not only do they need the aggregate data on what their customers do on each channel, but they must also tie the data points together. Even when leaders can connect the dots, they still must gain insight on granular details to know why a customer jumped from one channel to another.

The rise in customer expectations

One of the most influential channels along the customer journey is mobile. Increasingly, customers are using mobile to access a multitude of data whenever they need it most. Because brands offer customers easy access to information, customers’ expectations increase accordingly. The reality is that customer expectations of mobile will continue to change constantly, and they will keep expecting more.

Connecting analytics and expectations

So how do brands improve the customer experience on the mobile channel and also connect those experiences to understand the customer’s entire journey?

The answer is two-fold. First, brands must aggregate insights on all their customers’ interactions on each channel and from granular details within each channel. By understanding users’ experiences in detail, brands learn exactly what issues customers encounter and how those issues prompt customers to jump from one channel to the next. In this case, brands are able to see how mobile experiences and engagements influence customers to further engage with or completely abandon a brand.

Brands cannot sit back and let customers have poor experiences whenever they attempt to engage. As such, the second part of this process is empowering themselves with the right analytics to understand their customers’ journeys across channels and devices. Without the appropriate analytics solutions, brands are hurting their customers’ experiences and ultimately their bottom line.

Learn more about customer experience management at Amplify

Citigroup has implemented analytics solutions to zero in on customers’ mobile experiences and exceed customer expectations. Join us for the Amplify session “Citigroup Uses Actionable Insights to Improve Their Mobile Customer Experiences” to learn how the company leverages customer analytics to improve its mobile channels. At Amplify, you can explore how to improve customers’ mobile experiences through thought leadership sessions, hands-on labs and networking opportunities.

Citigroup’s presentation at Amplify features Joseph Crawford, Stephan Lacasse and Karen He as speakers. It takes place Tuesday, May 17 from 10:15 to 11:15 a.m. in Room 12.

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