Mobile customer relationship management: Advantages throughout the entire enterprise

By Scott Steinberg

Mobile customer relationship management (CRM) tools are a must-have in today’s wireless world. After all, these tools can help mobile sales forces, marketing teams and business development professionals keep up with prospects and stay attuned to rapidly changing customer needs. In addition to the obvious benefits that CRM solutions provide to these external-facing client teams, they offer tremendous value to virtually every other group within your organization. By arming yourself with the intelligence and insights derived from mobile customer relationship management solutions, you can clearly establish your brand among your competitors.

Here are the advantages that CRM provides in five different mobile spheres:

  • Analysis and market research
    Mobile CRM tools equip representatives from various organizational teams with instantaneous access to data on the state of current accounts and key stakeholders. But these solutions can also provide business analysts and researchers with deeper insights into crucial behaviors such as purchase patterns, products and services of growing interest and sudden shifts in spending habits that may foreshadow rising opportunities or threats. In this way, CRM applications help you nurture relationships, allowing you to provide crucial insights that can help your enterprise stay ahead of changing business landscapes and customer needs.
  • Pricing and promotions
    Ask yourself the following questions: Who are your most frequent buyers? How much are they buying? What are the conditions under which these purchases are taking place? By equipping your enterprise with mobile customer relationship management tools, you can gain far greater visibility into which products, services and solutions are connecting with which customers and to what degree. This data allows you to market and price solutions in a more effective manner, as you’ll know exactly which audiences to target. In this way, mobile CRM tools can help you make better, more informed decisions concerning your marketing outreach efforts.
  • Focus group testing and feedback
    Modern organizations must innovate and introduce new solutions, messages and market strategies on a consistent basis to stay ahead of today’s hugely disruptive business landscape. It’s crucial to know whether the solutions you’ve built and the signals you’re sending are being well-received or going undervalued by your users. By employing CRM applications, you can quickly uncover which initiatives are connecting with your audience, which are not getting the desired reaction and which are going entirely unnoticed. This information allows you to refine and adapt your business strategies in a quick, cost-effective manner.
  • Customer service and support
    The customer is always right, so it’s essential for you to monitor their experience with your mobile products or services. Mobile CRM tools allow your teams to stay abreast of potential concerns and possible project roadblocks. By examining recent and historical data, you can also gain a greater perspective into which solutions may work most effectively to address a user’s changing needs. As such, CRM programs help you determine how problems can be solved in a more efficient and effective manner.
  • Accounting and inventory management
    In addition to serving as a data organization solution, several advanced mobile CRM tools can also be used as platforms for invoicing and submitting orders on-demand, thereby helping you to improve response times, minimize human error and increase customer satisfaction. By using a CRM solution in this manner, you can better manage back-end processing and pass information along more quickly.

Clearly, there’s more to customer relationship management than meets the eye, as these mobile solutions offer valuable insights that can benefit an enterprise as a whole.

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Scott Steinberg

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