Mobile learning apps: Pi day is a perfect time to focus on enterprise-level mobile education

By James O'Brien

Every Pi Day celebration involves a combination of learning and fun, which makes this day a perfect time to think about how mobile learning apps can unlock enjoyable education opportunities for enterprise employees. According to International Business Times, the very first Pi Day celebration took place in 1988. Since then, March 14 (or 3.14, the first three digits of pi) has been marked with annual pie-eating contests and other fun events.

But Pi Day celebrations are about more than having a good time; they’re about attracting people — young and old — to the world of learning about math and science. For enterprise leadership, incentivizing employee learning can take the same sort of engagement — maybe not with pies and parties, but with an equal kind of emphasis on timely, social and professionally empowering experiences.

It’s clear that mobile learning and development (L&D) boosts performance. In fact, a recent Towards Maturity report found that enterprises experienced a 43 percent improvement in productivity and a 73 percent increase in revenue as a result of enabling mobile L&D programs.

But these results are just part of the story. After all, mobile learning apps have the power to transform professional development, and they can do so in social, time-saving ways while reinforcing traditional learning methods in the enterprise space.

App advantage: Getting smarter, not busier

What is one key obstacle that stands in the way of motivating your enterprise workforce around new learning opportunities? The answer: It’s possible that your teams see the time needed to develop skills as taking away from the time they need to achieve their business goals.

As eLearning Industry points out, mobile learning apps can help alleviate this problem. By taking training into the mobile realm, enterprises can ensure that their employees are able to learn anytime and anywhere in new and dynamic ways. Whether they’re commuting on the train, traveling on the plane or enjoying their lunch break, employees are able to engage with learning apps.

Mobile enterprise employees learn at a social pace

According to Office Dynamics International, people retain more information when they learn with their peers, as a result of the group connection and interaction. One of the key benefits of mobile learning apps is that they function in a social, group-oriented ecosystem. This means that achievements and accomplishments that fall within the offered exercises can be shared to social media and company intranet platforms for peer recognition and affirmation, making it a powerful force for helping enterprise L&D candidates stay with courses all the way through.

Blended benefits: Mobile learning apps amplify in-person training

According to eLearning Industry, if your company’s learning and development program also features in-class sessions, “You can deliver quick reinforcements of classroom training to on-the-go employees. This is especially helpful for team members who work out in the field and might not have access to manuals or handbooks all the time.” As today’s talent base is already mobile, it only makes sense to use their in-hand technology to bolster the success rate of your enterprise’s educational efforts.

Pi Day is a good day for running numbers, and the numbers show that enterprises are diving into mobile learning. In fact, SkilledUp reports that US companies have spent some $70 billion on employee learning. On a global scale, this number increases to $130 billion.

Meanwhile, the report notes that around 18 percent of surveyed companies claimed that they were solely using mobile devices as the delivery channel for this type of learning. Even more companies are moving to a hybrid model that involves mobile and in-class learning. According to SkilledUp, Gartner predicts that at least 20 percent of enterprises will incorporate mobile-driven employee engagement as a performance objective by 2020.

Much like pi itself, the future of mobile learning apps is expanding. As enterprises give these apps more time and attention, they will be poised to grow even further.

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