Using enterprise network solutions to resolve capacity management fears

By Jonathan Crowl

Mobile devices can present a real challenge to enterprise networks that were established more than a few years ago. At these companies, the IT department must often take on the task of retrofitting an existing network to accommodate the introduction of hundreds or thousands of new mobile devices, each of which increases demand on the network’s capabilities and tests its functional limits.

Companies must adopt better enterprise network solutions in order to handle this sudden adoption of devices. By using capacity management services, enterprises can monitor device usage to alleviate network strain, improve efficiency and optimize the network infrastructure. This process alleviates network stress through several different services — some of which optimize the use of mobile devices, while others help IT and decision makers to better manage their internal operations.

Bringing mobility to workflow management

By introducing a capacity management solution into the network, companies can break down the restrictive silos in which many departments operate. As Boston Technology reports, these improved mobility solutions can provide more efficient coordination between employees and departments, integrate and optimize workflows and build a more open, collaborative workplace. Breaking out of these silos helps IT to facilitate the workflow. Instead of moving across departments and separate workflows managed by a broad number of mobile devices, enterprises can establish a more cohesive process by turning a capacity management solution into an easy blueprint of the organization’s operations. Consequently, response times within these enterprise network solutions should improve. And, over time, resource utilization should be optimized, thereby lowering the strain on the network as a whole.

Managing assets in a pinch

Managing a network of mobile devices can be tricky. After all, these devices often outnumber employees and aren’t tied to one place, which in turn can make the close management of devices very difficult to oversee. But this is where capacity management tools come into play. Enterprises can use asset dashboards to track mobile devices alongside other equipment, giving IT and management a more straightforward platform. This process makes it easier for companies to adjust device usage and better manage mobile devices in conjunction with other digital assets.

Asset management dovetails with workflow management because it, too, can help improve efficiency and productivity. More than anything, though, this overview and easy access alleviates much of the tedious work that IT often puts into managing a large volume of devices within an enterprise network.

Tracking usage through analytics

Quality capacity management solutions will offer real-time analytics tools to ensure your enterprise network is running as smoothly as possible. Through an analytics platform, capacity management solutions should give IT the ability to track, measure and even predict network usage and capacity. This real-time usage monitoring can pinpoint the presence of certain abnormalities that may indicate a current or future network problem, giving IT the lead time it needs to respond effectively to the specific concern.

Interactive reports can also help both IT and enterprise executives make important decisions on how to adapt their enterprise network, their mobile device strategy or both, depending on the changing circumstances. Mobile devices only pose an internal network threat when a company’s infrastructure doesn’t properly account for this increased technology and usage. You should consider a capacity management solution so that you have the necessary tools to remedy these problems before they arise.

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