Unlock new value with mobility: Transforming the brand experience

By Shamayun Miah

| Insurance

When exploring the concept of using a mobile app to transform the brand experience, enterprises may assume that they should focus on an app for the consumer. But it’s important to remember that consumers are no longer bound by an affinity or loyalty to a particular brand and its values. Instead, they are driven by that brand’s ability to provide them with the information necessary to make a decision with no patience required. Now, mobile apps can transform the brand experience by providing information to client-facing staff at the point of engagement with the customer in a speedy, efficient manner.

Empowering front-line employees

An app needs to deliver more than just a mobile interface to a desktop application. By understanding the “day in the life” of your client-facing staff and reimagining workflows using the capabilities of mobile devices, you can transform the interaction between customers and these staff members. The key here is information. For instance, Uber users need to be immediately aware of how much their trip will cost so that they can evaluate their decision accurately. Similarly, employees demand this same level of insight in enterprise apps to help them carry out their tasks effectively for the good of their customers. Furthermore, an employee’s ability to execute the transaction while in front of the customer helps him or her provide exceptional service and take advantage of cross-sell opportunities.

In today’s mobile era, applications can access enterprise systems to facilitate on-the-spot transaction execution. Data insight makes this information even more relevant, personalized and powerful during critical moments and interactions. This empowers employees, enabling them with the tools and technology necessary for the task at hand. As such, it’s crucial to provide employees on the sales floor with all of the data they need to be able to fully serve the customer. For example, the provisions of deep insight into past purchases, competitive offers and technical specifications can help the employee build a rapport as a trusted advisor.

Apps in action

Today, the financial services industry is confronted with a range of unprecedented pressures, including tightening regulations, dated desktop technology and increasing client demand for personalized service. A Trusted Advice app delivers an interactive, fully analytic, graphic-rich, scenario-based financial planning session that breaks wealth advisors away from their desktops. This process turns regular money managers into on-site partners that you can trust through the use of dynamic presentations and advanced analytical insights.

Sales is a numbers game. The more time sellers lose by chasing down the right materials, the less time they have to pursue leads and convert them into profit. By providing sellers with an effortless, analytics-driven way to identify and present the most effective materials available from their portfolios by way of an app, enterprises can help these client-facing staff members transform formal presentations into an inviting, hands-on brand experience. This process empowers them to interact with buyers in a more engaging, conversational way.

Customer retention is key for insurance professionals. A Retention app that enables agents to receive timely, prioritized alerts about the status of, and opportunities surrounding, each customer’s account helps agents to easily deliver excellent customer service and follow up in a timely manner.

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