Optimize app experiences with better mobile customer engagement

By Karen He

This month, I will be connecting with over 20,000 industry leaders at IBM InterConnect, IBM’s premier cloud and mobile conference in Las Vegas, to share thought leadership around mobile customer engagement.

As a business traveler who often goes to customer meetings and speaking engagements, I rely heavily on my mobile devices and apps to help me manage my travel searches and bookings. On a regular transit day, I use multiple types of transportation, including subways, taxis, buses and planes. Let’s not even get into hotel check-ins and finding the closest eatery that is open past midnight.

Today’s mobile technology has made the whole travel process easy and pain-free. Brands from the travel and hospitality industry have developed mobile apps to help their customers check in to their flights, request a taxi and choose a hotel room right from their phones.

In my speaking engagement at IBM InterConnect, “Use Actionable Insights to Improve Your Mobile Customer Engagements,” I will be covering the need for brands to improve their mobile customer engagement, urging them to continuously analyze the mobile experiences with which their customers are interacting.

In my session, I will outline how you can build personal engagements across your mobile channels by:

  1. Understanding your customers: Learn how your existing customers are using your current mobile application and what key activities they are performing on this platform.
  2. Optimizing your mobile design: You must acquire design thinking to create better services through your mobile channel. By understanding how your customers use your site, you can create easy-to-navigate workflows, which can help increase your conversion rates.
  3. Engaging with your customers continuously: You must never take the back seat and wait for your customers to interact with your mobile app. After all, customers expect brands to know who they are and understand their preferences at a personal level. As such, it’s crucial that you offer products and services at the right time and place.

Brands today cannot afford to simply build a mobile app and expect customers to use it. In this fast-paced digital age, users wants to be able to quickly access mobile apps on-the-go. If customers find that a particular app does not allow them to accomplish a goal within a given time frame, they will leave and find another avenue, such as a competitor or a more costly channel.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to improve your mobile customer engagement to improve customer journeys and increase mobile conversions, you should consider attending my session at IBM InterConnect.

Written By

Karen He

Product Marketing Manager at IBM Tealeaf

Karen He is a hands on professional with Product Marketing and Product Management focus. She plays an integral role in IBM Tealeaf's product marketing team, enjoy working closely with Product Management, Marketing Communications, Field Marketing and Sales teams across IBM to formulate…

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