App marketing: How cross-team collaboration can optimize engagement

By Karen He

With a single tap, your customers are empowered to browse, research and make purchases on your mobile application. You can encourage customers to stay on your app for longer periods of time by putting a dynamic mobile design into place. In 2016, brands must make it a priority to keep their customers engaged through app marketing and design tactics.

Mobile design

While dynamic design is highly regarded as a necessity in the mobile market, even the most well-renowned brands are still struggling to provide optimized mobile apps for improved customer engagement. This particular struggle is largely due to the lack of cross-team collaboration. As a result of this breakdown in communication regarding needs and wants, brands’ digital strategies and objectives often fall apart at the execution level. For example, issues may arise because IT and development teams are heavily focused on creating the apps, while marketing teams are focused on designing content that customers love to see.

These teams work in siloes with minimal alignments, which is detrimental to the brand’s mobile strategy and success. Brands with exceptional mobile customer experiences are those that receive continuous feedback from customers and increased collaboration among their teams.

The power of collaboration

Cross-team collaboration across an organization allows for mobile app development, design and marketing to be more aligned. Furthermore, this level of communication contributes to the brand’s overall mobile strategy for increased profits and customer loyalty. Overall, it’s important to remember that both app marketing and IT teams bring something vital to the table. Marketing teams are at the front-line, so they’re able to understand how, when and where customers engage with a particular mobile app. Design and development teams can then use this insight to improve the layout of a mobile application, making it easier for customers to use and navigate.

This type of collaborative relationship reaps benefits for the brand as well as customers. When consumers are able to painlessly get access to information whenever and wherever they need it, they are more likely to continue using and purchasing from a particular mobile app. This loyalty may lead them to become an advocate for the brand over time.

However, it’s important to remember that team collaboration may sometimes seem counterproductive, as trying to balance different perspectives has the potential to halt development. While collaboration is not a one-step process, a brand can reap long-term benefits as its teams continue to monitor the level of customer engagement and experiences. When app marketing and IT teams work together, you can get easy-to-navigate apps that offer meaningful and relevant content.

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Karen He

Product Marketing Manager at IBM Tealeaf

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