10 Must-see sessions for C-suite leadership at IBM InterConnect 2016

By Jonathan Hassell

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As IBM InterConnect 2016 draws closer, now is an excellent time to begin planning which breakout sessions you will attend Feb. 21-25. As many in C-suite leadership positions are aware, it is best to approach any industry conference with a solid strategy to take advantage of all the learning and networking opportunities available. Here are some session suggestions that will help you maximize your trip to Las Vegas.

Business and executive leadership sessions

There are several sessions that are oriented specifically to those in C-suite leadership positions.

  • Consider MBM-4656: Exploring the Business Value of Mobile and Internet of Things, in which a panel of industry experts will discuss the keys to driving value with mobile from your investment in IoT.
  • Or take a higher-level view with TOT-7060: Getting Closer to the Customer — at the Intersection of Cloud, Mobile and Analytics, where you can hear from industry thought leaders, innovative clients and IBM experts on how a data-rich, mobile strategy infused with analytics and cognitive capabilities can attract more customers and keep them coming back for more.
  • Alternatively, you might want to dive in to the IBM MobileFirst solution with BPD-7120: IBM MobileFirst Game-Changers: Revamp Your Mobile Strategy, Maximize Competitive Advantage, where you can learn how to position and take advantage of cognitive mobile applications in an IoT world, leveraging new capabilities designed to simplify and accelerate solution development, expand mobile opportunities and maximize profit and solution breadth.


Security is a well-represented topic at the show. If you’re on the hunt for security-oriented sessions, consider the following sessions:

  • MSM-7207: Mobile Security Blueprint: How to Develop a Holistic Mobile Security Strategy. Here, the IBM Mobile Security team will cover the four imperatives of mobile security: protect devices, secure content and collaboration, safeguard applications and data and manage access and fraud.
  • For a more sweeping, holistic view of mobile security, join a panel of experts in MSM-2637: Take an Integrated Approach to Mobile Security and Address the Full Breadth of Threats. While there, you can experience a rich discussion about device protection, content security, application and data safeguarding, access management and how IBM solutions can help you integrate and scale each.

For the analytically minded, there are a couple of must-see sessions around mobile customer engagement and analytics.

  • MMM-2541: Use Actionable Insights to Improve Your Mobile Customer Engagements will show you how to use analytics to optimize your website and applications to improve mobile usability. This session will also illustrate how you can track customer behavior patterns and address issues that are causing potential customers to abandon their experience before converting.
  • To learn more about IBM’s Customer Experience Analytics product, visit MMM-6954: Mobile Analytics with IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile, where you can join IBM experts to learn how to maximize the value of IBM Customer Experience (CX) Analytics and design great mobile applications. You can even see Tealeaf CX Mobile in action.

Case studies

Case studies present an excellent opportunity for C-suite leadership to understand the solutions and capabilities of the IBM MobileFirst platform. Here are a couple of must-see sessions for this audience that show off the power of the platform:

  • MBM-4427: A Year-Long Journey with IBM MobileFirst at Logistics Leader DSV
  • MBM-3310: An IBM MobileFirst Solution Serving Millions of Retail Banking Customers at ICICI Bank


Let’s not forget about the importance of visioneering, either. If you’re interested in learning about how drones and flying innovation could mix up with the mobile enterprise, you might enjoy the breakout session, MBM-5796: Drones and the Mobile Enterprise. Bringing your own pilot license, however, is not mandatory.

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