Five mobile marketing tips for small and midsized businesses

By Scott Steinberg

| Retail

Like business owners, corporate executives and entrepreneurs, today’s customers are always on the go. That’s especially true for working professionals. Thankfully, a growing number of mobile and online solutions make it simple to connect with, engage and promote your business to them virtually anytime, anywhere.

Here are five mobile marketing tips to promote your enterprise more effectively on mobile devices:

1. Search engine optimize

Keywords are to the Internet and the information highway what billboards are to traditional interstates. So why not publish original, search engine optimized (“SEO-friendly”) content featuring these keywords more often? It’s the surest, fastest and most cost-affordable way to boost your organization’s visibility — and even compete with larger, better-funded rivals.

Numerous blogging tools make it simple for your enterprise to publish and capitalize on these keywords from almost any device. Providing hints, tips or how-to articles for your clients can satisfy their needs while shining a spotlight on your organization. Insider tip: Many search engines offer trends and analytics tools that can help you gain deeper insights into the exact terms and phrases your audience searches.

2. Design for mobile engagement

More customers are researching businesses online than ever before, and online shopping continues to hit record highs with each passing year. What’s the fastest way to connect with and successfully promote your business to mobile audiences? Create a polished, smartphone- and tablet-friendly website that makes browsing, sampling and buying effortless.

Are you dealing with a legacy platform that manages your company’s online presence and feeling hesitant to invest in a full-scale website makeover? A number of user-friendly services make it possible for businesses of every size to quickly build microsites, landing pages and online solutions using drag-and-drop tools and preexisting templates. Stock images and layouts make it possible to literally mix, match and create custom-branded online headquarters and stores in minutes.

3. Use local or location-based offers

Also important to keep in mind when discussing mobile marketing tips: Numerous services make it possible to offer special discounts on mobile devices to shoppers in specific neighborhoods or regions, or even provide coupons that pop up on customers’ devices when they’re near your offices or retail locations. You might also offer steeper discounts when potential buyers are about to visit rivals (“Love coffee? Stop by our latest store to grab a free cup!”). Options here are endless, including offering special promotion codes through online discounters or providing coupons through augmented-reality and location-based services that piggyback on the GPS systems built into mobile devices.

4. Get crafty with online promotions

Don’t forget to use social media to promote your virtual or brick-and-mortar presence. Cost-effectively strike where rivals haven’t by marketing uniquely themed and/or limited-time promotions to key influencers. Examples: “Stop by between 9 and 10 p.m. this Saturday to try our craziest new culinary creations” or “Sign up now to get VIP access to an exclusive meet-and-greet with bestselling author Scott Steinberg!”

As noted earlier, search engine keywords are the lifeblood of online advertising. If you’re savvy, in addition to traditional content marketing strategies, you’ll also want to build marketing campaigns around them. Many online providers offer apps that let you quickly create and manage promotional campaigns, so that your business readily appears when someone searches for “accounting firms in New York,” “corporate travel consultants,” “investment planning Los Angeles” and more. Trade secret: You can buy up ads around terms potential shoppers might enter when searching for your competitors.

5. Tap into email and newsletter promotions

Referral and opt-in marketing solutions rank among the most powerful promotional tools today. Dozens of mobile apps and providers make it simple to design and share email or newsletter campaigns that can help you keep your business top of mind with customers and generate repeat business from your top clients. One insider mobile marketing tip: Set up a website for your enterprise that offers free incentives, such as exclusive discounts, coupons, white papers, eBooks, trend reports or videos, for subscribing. Then promote it using online services and social networks such as LinkedIn. Once you’ve built a list of potential buyers, you’ll be able to design mailers, connect and communicate with them at almost any time.

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