Cloud application performance management: Getting next-level results

By Scott Steinberg

Cloud application performance management (CAPM) is the process of optimizing and managing the uptime, capabilities and availability of an application. It ranks among today’s most pressing IT concerns. That’s not surprising, given the performance gains and breakthroughs cloud application performance management can enable. It’s an essential tool to familiarize yourself with, regardless of whether your mobile infrastructure operates in a private or hybrid cloud environment.

Using an ever-growing range of CAPM solutions, it’s possible to:

  • Maximize workforce performance and productivity
  • Boost application availability and uptime
  • Tap into analytics that offer deeper insights into enterprise performance and user or client behavior
  • Reduce outages and resulting costs
  • Minimize software slowdown and access times
  • Discover and address technical errors and glitches much faster and more cost-effectively

The future of CAPM

As a skyrocketing number of enterprises steadily migrate to private or hybrid cloud environments for managing mobile workforces, handling telecommunications needs and globalizing operations, CAPM will only become more important. That goes double for an organization transforming itself to compete in an increasingly virtualized and on-demand working environment. Happily for market leaders operating in an always-connected, on-demand and bring-your-own-device market, a skyrocketing range of cloud application performance management tools promise to take application performance to the next level. All offer ready solutions for better meeting the challenges tomorrow’s working world will bring.

Choosing a solution

Going forward, choosing the right CAPM solution will be every bit as important as choosing the right cloud-based suite of applications. Not only can CAPM tools help you gain greater insight into the effectiveness of your overall IT infrastructure, they can also provide the essential feedback and data that you need to fine-tune your system to operate most efficiently and cost-effectively — and to act more swiftly and decisively should potential issues or bottlenecks arise. Think of CAPM solutions as an all-purpose kit of tools that you can use to manage even the most complex cross-platform suite of applications. Similarly, you can use them to discover where individual or entire groups of processes, programs and user interactions will benefit from the introduction of new or enhanced applications.

With CAPM solutions now readily capable of supporting applications in both private and hybrid solutions at nearly any scale, upsides are considerable. Using these tools, enterprises can:

  • Spot, research and more quickly react to emerging trends
  • Understand how well applications perform from the user’s perspective and where room for improvement exists
  • Diagnose and treat technical issues and performance bottlenecks
  • Speed up hands-on performance and user transactions
  • Streamline, optimize and take better advantage of your IT infrastructure

Embracing potential

If you haven’t explored or invested in the concept of CAPM yet, consider as follows. By leveraging the solutions cloud application performance management provides, it’s not only possible to more readily meet the evolving demands of a fast-changing market and modern-day organization. It’s also possible to gain the growingly in-depth visibility into enterprise performance that you need in order to make better decisions. Whether solving IT issues or simply improving day-to-day output or time-to-market with new products and services, potential applications for the technology only continue to grow on a daily basis.

Pair a range of hybrid- or private cloud-based applications with CAPM solutions, and you’re essentially providing your business with deeper diagnostics capabilities and additional horsepower under the hood. No matter the size or scale of your operation, the potential gains that can be recognized by doing so are considerable. Providing a next-generation range of tools for operating in a next-generation working world, cloud application performance management promises to only grow in importance and impact going forward.

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