Mobile analytics: Engaging customers with exceptional mobile moments

By Karen He

Consumers face mundane decision-making points each day, including deciding what to wear, what to order for lunch or which red wine to purchase at the grocery store. To make better decisions, consumers seek engaging and relevant information from their mobile devices when they need it. Consumers — consciously or subconsciously — have “mobile moments” with brands each day.

To develop a successful mobile channel, brands must use mobile analytics to capture mobile moments and capitalize on them. Forrester Research defines a mobile moment as a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what he or she wants immediately, in context. Brands can no longer afford to put together a mobile app and simply hope customers will engage with it. To capitalize on mobile moments, brands must gain actionable insights from mobile analytics to fully understand their customers’ needs and intents.

Customers have mobile moments each time they try to connect with their preferred brands and expect to attain the information they need. If they encounter less-than-acceptable experiences, customers are more likely to switch to competitors and delete the app — perhaps even sharing their negative experiences with family and friends.

To capture mobile moments and increase customer engagement to improve app monetization, brands must:

  1. Design great mobile applications: Based on customers’ behaviors and intents, brands can anticipate customers’ needs and reduce the length of their path toward achieving their goals. With a great app design, customers can easily navigate through the mobile web or app to complete their goals.
  2. Create personal engagements: Offer customers real-time and relevant responses based on their behavior across channels. Send push notifications to remind customers to purchase items in their cart, offer product recommendations and nurture them to encourage them to visit the brand’s channels.
  3. Offer relevant insights: Send promotions to customers based on their activity across channels and offer personal, contextual and location-based notifications through mobile devices to keep them engaged throughout their journey.

In order to offer exceptional customer experiences by using mobile moments, brands must think holistically by considering the full customer journey, which includes several channels, both online and offline. The mobile channel is a crucial vehicle to move customers through the complete journey to the point in which their needs are met. As a result, marketers need to understand how users are behaving and what they are doing inside and outside of the mobile app.

Written By

Karen He

Product Marketing Manager at IBM Tealeaf

Karen He is a hands on professional with Product Marketing and Product Management focus. She plays an integral role in IBM Tealeaf's product marketing team, enjoy working closely with Product Management, Marketing Communications, Field Marketing and Sales teams across IBM to formulate…

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