How to outfit your enterprise mobile app with the best design, and why it matters

By Jonathan Crowl

Choosing a design for your enterprise mobile app is no simple task. Design affects every aspect of your app’s success, including the presentation of your brand, the user experience customers enjoy and your ability to generate conversions and returns off of your mobile products. Not only does an ineffective or low-quality app waste company time and resources; it can create negative brand experiences among customers that continue to impact the company long after the app has been fixed.

App development no longer requires working entirely from scratch. Developers have the luxury of templates, tools, partial development services and other resources to eliminate some of the tedium that comes with building an enterprise mobile app from the ground up.

That means enterprises have few excuses for a sub-par mobile app solution. With time, effort and the right design tools, brands can build the perfect app to serve their needs. Here’s a quick primer on building effective apps using design tools and templates.

Examining your needs and design priorities

A mobile app is only effective when it addresses the needs and goals of its developer. Enterprises will need to consider their priorities, such as creating a unique experience or generating sales through a sleek in-app catalog.

One strategy is to look at your competitors’ apps and consider what features are lacking that your enterprise app might be able to offer. Sourcing ideas from these competitors is a great means of brainstorming possibilities while getting a sense of the templates and other design trends that will be most effective for your target market.

Spearheading design through user-focused tools

Enterprises don’t necessarily need to build an app from scratch. Instead, it’s worth considering design tools that offer nifty shortcuts in the app development process. Today’s templates go beyond simple, static designs, instead allowing developers to customize transitions and animations.

The quick route: Enlisting an all-in-one app maker

In most cases, an enterprise doesn’t need to accept stock elements as part of its mobile app. Vast developer resources give major brands the luxury of building a distinct mobile solution.

Depending on the circumstances, however, a simpler solution may be in order. Enterprises may be up against a tight deadline, working with limited resources or in need of a quick fix for mobile apps that don’t necessarily deliver a memorable user experience. In that case, as Business News Daily suggests, investing in an all-in-one app maker that handles development from start to finish may be the best solution. This type of app-making alternative can hustle out an app that addresses the company’s needs and goals. The end product may lack a “wow” factor, but these solutions will get the job done, and sometimes that’s what matters most.

Prescribing a clear app design solution is impossible. Enterprises are best off determining strategy internally and then seeking out development solutions that can help meet those ends. The bottom line is that outfitting any app with an appealing design and facilitating a great user experience is paramount. Anything short of that could have an negative impact on your brand well into the future.

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