Enterprise Mobility Management: 5 Reasons IoT Is the Future

By Scott Steinberg

Enterprise mobility management is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in business today. It’s closely followed by the Internet of Things (IoT), which loosely refers to the presence of connectivity and data on countless devices. Enterprise mobility management and IoT are a potent combination that C-suite leaders can tap to foster an agile, future-oriented enterprise.

Here are five ways that IoT solutions promise to take enterprise mobility to the next level:

1. Allowing Leaders to See Ahead of the Curve

Both internal and external customer habits change at a blistering pace. IoT solutions and analytics tools hold the keys to unlocking them. By monitoring user behavior, consumption patterns and interactions, it’s possible to determine precisely what others are doing — and when — within your mobile ecosystems. It’s also possible to see which features and functions users access most frequently, plus where and when those features are accessed. All of that data feedback sheds light on the various ways that audiences utilize products. With the growing number of IoT-based tools available for enhancing enterprise mobility management by tracking or optimizing products, processes and services, you can now:

  • Understand which features, processes, tools, technologies and methods of interaction resonate most with users
  • Streamline and optimize your networks and platforms to most effectively support your workforce and/or strategic partners
  • Predict changing user behaviors and needs — perhaps even before users themselves are aware of them
  • Refine and retool products, services and solutions of every kind to connect more effectively as a result of this intelligence

2. Improving Security and Uptime

Want to effectively spot and eliminate possible opportunities for security breaches or possible points of network failure? A growing number of IoT and big data solutions make it possible to more effectively monitor and test your organization’s mobile safeguards. They make it possible to implement more effective workarounds to potential problems and provide a more accurate sense of where glitches, errors or unexpected exceptions to standard network protocols occur. You can more effectively anticipate and plan for potential errors — whether high-tech or human.

3. Helping Organizations Spot and React to Emerging Opportunities

Market trends can change swiftly, suddenly and without warning as unexpected events happen. New competitors appear from out of the blue, or unforeseen disruptions threaten to upend the status quo.

Fortunately, addressing these challenges is possible when your enterprise is attuned to changes in your ecosystem. Experts suggest that the most effective way to do so is twofold:

  1. Listen to your customers and anticipate their needs; users have consistently proven to be organizations’ best source of innovative new ideas.
  2. Provide frontline workers (those closest to customers on a daily basis) more opportunities to speak up and take action based on their insights.

Using today’s forward-thinking enterprise mobility management systems, it’s possible to create systems for capturing and sharing critical insights using IoT devices. Then, enterprises can translate those ideas rapidly into action.

4. Enhancing Reactivity and Resilience

Use IoT-based enterprise mobility management solutions to empower your staff to more swiftly respond to these emerging developments. Numerous high-tech solutions don’t just make it possible to spot trends as they emerge based on incoming data and signals from internal or external stakeholders; these solutions also make it possible for employees to more rapidly and effectively connect, collaborate and secure resources for new ventures. They can run quick, cost-effective business prototypes and experiments in response to new industry developments. Using these tools, your workforce can more quickly respond to changes in the business landscape with increasingly agile and adaptable business strategies.

5. Boosting Your Workforce’s Productivity and Performance

Just as more communications devices and technologies are going mobile, so too are more employees. A robust enterprise mobility management solution, paired with the right IoT tools, will help you control and monitor what’s going on in the field more effectively. The combination can also help you boost productivity, simplify operational processes to maximize efficiency and reduce costs by more capably tracking and zeroing in on potential areas for improvement. In addition, an ever-expanding number of solutions make it possible for business leaders to more capably handle reporting, invoice processing, customer relationship management and data processing.

The more you leverage IoT and related tools to streamline and automate, the faster you can slash costs, enhance operational efficiencies and blow past competitors.

Written By

Scott Steinberg

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