Drive customer loyalty with memorable moments on mobile apps

By James O'Brien

How do you drive customer loyalty with a mobile app? First, use the app data to understand your consumers. Then, create memorable moments for them with offers and ideas that lead to personalized, relevant and actionable points of contact. It’s akin to building a new relationship, one piece of data at a time.

The data necessary, thankfully, is plentiful. Statistics from Nielsen show that the average adult spends more than 30 hours each month using apps. Every minute of that activity creates data. It’s a constant stream of information, and this is the key that chief marketing officers should harness and use.

With data in hand, opportunities to drive customer loyalty are plentiful and sometimes profound. The following approaches illustrate how an enterprise business’s mobile app can help drive customer loyalty and what CMOs can do to implement powerful engagement as part of their company’s mobile marketing strategy.

Acknowledge Timely Needs

One of the key advantages of mobile functionality for marketing is that consumers’ smartphones and tablets are typically powered on and nearby at all times. Key moments of a day or week can be synced to mobile-device activations. Forrester Research explains that Johnson & Johnson uses this tactic with its bedtime lullaby mobile app.

On the level of the enterprise app, another potential example is a liquor-delivery app for metropolitan markets. The app could ping users just before cocktail hour, provide a playlist of lounge tunes and offer a discount on orders placed within a certain time frame. Memorable points of interaction work best when they are timely. Plan yours accordingly.

Incentivize and Reward New Sales

When your consumer base is engaged with an app that keeps them coming back for more, marketing teams get to tap into the data created. For example, if your enterprise app allows customers to order donuts from your specialty shop and the data tells you that a given customer tends to select a certain cruller, you can start to prompt and suggest new sales.

This is a lesson smaller enterprises can take from larger players. Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer at Taco Bell, explained to Marketing Land the benefits of “trade up” offers. In-app offers acknowledge the customer’s ordering history and preferences, then suggest a new selection or cross-sell a complementary item in a personalized fashion. Successful suggestions will align with the ingredients and recipes that consumers’ prior choices suggest they’ll like, and data analysis reveals what those key items will be. When the new discovery is a win for the user, they’ll associate the app with yet another memorable moment, and that’s a win for marketing.

Gamification as a Road to Customer Loyalty

Humans respond well to affirmation. Your mobile app can reflect that, and your marketing strategies can incorporate it to help drive customer loyalty.

For example, consider an enterprise app that helps drivers save money on gas, alerts them of potential road hazards and monitors their vehicles in real-time for mechanical problems. There are plenty of incentives surrounding customer loyalty already in the design, such as budgetary and personal safety benefits. But what if the app allowed users to collect badges for taking more efficient routes? What if it rewarded them for staying under the speed limit on highways? Every time the badge-collection game format resulted in a coupon for gas or a free cup of coffee, a memorable moment is added to a user’s day.

Capture the data. Create the interactions. Earn the customer’s loyalty. If your mobile app can prompt users to make new, positive decisions, then you’re improving their experiences, whether it’s getting the baby to take a nap, ordering a treat or picking up the kids from school.

Drive customer loyalty by focusing your marketing approach on the data-rich, personalized and moment-building space. Nearly every mobile app has the potential to build new business-to-consumer relationships, but your customers are waiting for you to make the first move.

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James O'Brien

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