CES 2017 Day 6 recap: Exploring the Innovation Awards Showcase

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We spent the final hours of CES 2017 in the Innovation Awards Showcase. With over 20 categories and hundreds of honorees, this annual display showcases the latest and greatest tech products judged by a panel of industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade press. Here are some of the products that we thought were worth writing home about:

Motorola Moto Mods

Motorola is bringing a software mentality to the hardware market. Think about your smartphone and the level of customization that you have with apps. Your home screen is personalized with the apps that appeal to your lifestyle. The hardware market for smartphones has been rather dormant over the past few years as the focus for developers has been on software updates and applications.

Motorola is opening up the market to allow developers to create custom hardware add-ons. In essence, it’s the the “app-lification” of hardware. These hardware pieces easily attach directly to the phone and transform your device into everything from a DSLR camera to a large screen projector. Third-party developers will be able to create whatever add-ons they desire to meet the demands of the market.


X-enoma e-skin

This product is taking wearables to the next level. X-enoma has gone beyond accessories and entered into the clothing market. E-skin is a camera-free motion capturer that is sewn into the shirt. This product opens up a new world of experiences for consumers. The shirt has 14 embedded sensors that monitor body movement and form. It also comes with a hub that transmits this information via Bluetooth.

X-enoma offers everything from an input controller for full immersion VR experience to a personal coach for fitness activities. It is also quite durable and versatile. The shirt is machine washable and said to be as comfortable as your t-shirts at home.


Sleep Number’s 360 Smart Bed

Most studies will tell us that falling asleep with technology in our bed keeps us up at night, but what if the technology is inside your mattress? Enter the 360 Smart Bed. This memory foam mattress has a proprietary algorithm that adjust the firmness and temperature of your bed as you sleep. It also gathers insights about the quality of your rest and tells you when to wake up, working while you sleep. This is a new and exciting way that companies are applying artificial intelligence to everyday products. A bed might be the last thing you would think of as being “smart” but this one might pleasantly surprise you.


Pill Drill

Technology is making waves in the healthcare space and Pill Drill is standing out in the crowd. This smart pill management system simplifies pill management and creates accountability. Pill Drill uses an intuitive scanning system that allows users to get reminders about when to take a certain pill and also provides their loved ones with real-time updates via app notifications. What we found most exciting about this product is that it is user-friendly for users of all technology comfort levels. While there is an app that goes with this product, those who are not comfortable with smartphones are still able to use this product and get the same quality of experience.


WooHoo by SmartBeings Inc.

There are many companies entering the smart home market but WooHoo is doing something a little different. This AI-powered smart hub is the first to¬†engage facial and voice recognition to customize your home’s settings as you enter the room. It is set up as a true machine-to-machine model with an integrated IoT hub that allows your home to intuitively think for you. WooHoo’s user-friendly interface and a multitude of capabilities make this smart hub stand out as a creator of connected lifestyle experiences. It’s like having your own personal concierge.


So there you have it. Day 6 wraps up the final day of CES 2017. This was our first time at the conference but will not be the last. CES 2017 was full of amazing new technology and insights. Let’s see how these products and technologies influence the year ahead. If you missed the conference this year don’t forget to check out our recaps:

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