CES 2017 Day 5 recap: The dawn of drones, AI and seamless IoT

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It’s day 5 of CES 2017 and there’s just one day left of the conference. Today, we spent time on the showroom floor chatting with vendors about the trajectory of their products and industries. Here are some of our memorable takeaways and insights:

Drones are popular but have not reached their full potential

At CES 2017, we saw drones of all shapes, colors and sizes. From drones with 4K cameras to selfie stick drones, there was no shortage of flying tech on the showroom floor. Nonetheless, it seems that drones are not yet user-friendly to the masses. One Australian vendor is making selfie stick drones appeal to a broader audience by offering different colors. Though drones are exciting, operating them is still not completely intuitive for users. This bars many from trying or buying.

There is a lot of potential but the drone market still needs to work out the kinks. For example, most drones can only be used up to 30 minutes before needing to be charged. This inconvenience holds users back on the very thing they got the drone for: flying distances to capture videos and pictures they otherwise could not have. Drones show great potential but this is considered early days and continued evolution is still necessary.

A selfie stick drone that acts as your own personal videographer

A selfie stick drone that acts as your own personal videographer

Technology and fashion are becoming great friends

In some parts of the showroom, you might have felt as if you were walking through a fashion show. CES 2017 is full of technology that has gone glam. From rose gold plated earbud charging stations to gold plated smartwatches, we are seeing the move away from gadget-like wearables to fashion-forward pieces that look more like jewelry. Bling, bling.

Rose gold plated ear buds

Rose gold plated ear buds

IoT is making homes smarter but not all devices play nicely together

Smart homes are making an entrance in a big way. The are smart refrigerators, stoves and even bathroom mirrors (one even lets you watch TV on it). Even so, not all of these devices play well together. Right now smart homes are helpful but consumers are still not ready to pay to make everything “smart.”

Is IoT bumping up the price points for consumers? Given the focus on creating seamless technology experience in 2017, the future of IoT seems to be in connectedness and true machine-to-machine enablement. What if consumers did not have to interact with the technology for it to react? One vendor has created a smart hub with a touch screen projector where you don’t have to say anything to get your devices to engage. Instead, you can create touchscreen controls on any surface you chose by projecting the smart screen on your wall or countertops.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we will cover the last day of CES 2017 on the showroom floor. Follow @IBMMobile for all the onsite #CES2017 highlights.

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