A winning digital strategy is key to commercial drone success

By Ingo Piroth

Trying to deploy commercial drones without a holistic digital strategy is a losing endeavor for enterprises. Read More

By Ingo Piroth
Mobile and Innovation & Emerging Tech Lead at IBM North America in Digital Strategy & Reinvention

June 23, 2017

Digital reinvention for the nonprofit organization: How Central Texas Food Bank’s digital strategy improves…

By Jenni Klinger

Digital reinvention isn't just for the enterprise: There's also digital reinvention for the nonprofit. Just ask the Central Texas Food Bank. Read More

By Jenni Klinger
Blog Manager, IBM Mobile

June 22, 2017

The cognitive revolution is here, so get out of the Stone Age

By Doug NelsonHealthcare

Today, everyone should instinctively see, feel and recognize that we are in the midst of a cognitive revolution. Here's how cognitive can help you. Read More

By Doug NelsonHealthcare
Chief Technology Officer at SimpleC, LLC

June 14, 2017

Multi-speed IT: The reality of enterprise agility

By Rosalind Radcliffe

Business today demands the ability to change at an ever-increasing speed. That's where multi-speed IT comes in, making changes as quickly as necessary. Read More

By Rosalind Radcliffe
Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect for CLM and DevOps, EM Solution Architect, IBM Master Inventor

June 2, 2017

Be a CIO, not a CI-NO: Why you should say “yes” to digital transformation

By Vibhuti GargBanking

As a CIO, you need more than just an infrastructure to run your enterprise. You need digital transformation-driven employee engagement. Read More

By Vibhuti GargBanking
Global Marketing Manager for IBM Mobile Enterprise

June 1, 2017

6 CIO duties that make it one of the hardest jobs in the C-suite

By Rado Nikolov

While CIO duties used to make them the enablers of the organization, CIOs are now the innovators, leading the way in the digital reinvention. Read More

By Rado Nikolov
Director of Marketing Transformation and CIO Marketing, IBM

May 30, 2017

Has the IoT given Bluetooth technology the boost it needs?

By Jonathan HassellRetail

Bluetooth technology is much more than just earbuds and audio files. It's the key to a future where devices are always connected. Read More

By Jonathan HassellRetail
President, 82 Ventures

May 17, 2017

How artificial intelligence is reinventing the fintech industry

By Rodrigo García de la CruzBanking

The only way to avoid disruption in the fintech industry is to look ahead and innovate faster than the competition. Artificial intelligence can help. Read More

By Rodrigo García de la CruzBanking
CEO at Finnovating

May 16, 2017

Mobile collaboration helps businesses navigate new communication trends

By Karin Kelley

Employees must work together regardless of how dispersed they are, so companies must provide them with cloud-based mobile collaboration tools to do. Read More

By Karin Kelley
Independent Analyst & Writer

May 12, 2017

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