Wyatt Urmey

Tech Marketing Manager

Tech Marketing Manager and former Agency Art Director interested in cycling and great beers.

Articles by Wyatt Urmey

3 ways to find your edge in a hypercompetitive environment

The USA Cycling Women's Pursuit track cycling team has built a competitive edge in a hypercompetitive market by using three essential resources. Read More

March 20, 2017

How cognitive and mobile can provide help during natural disasters

A comprehensive cognitive solution is what we really need in order to be prepared for a natural disaster such as a hurricane or flood. Read More

October 21, 2016

A summer tour: Exploring the similarities between mobile and cycling

What does the Tour de France and bicycle racing have to do with mobile? There are more than a few things worth mentioning. Read More

July 8, 2016

Who killed personal customer service?

How mobile technologies are revolutionizing the customer service experience. Read More

April 29, 2016

Business without brakes: Gaining an edge on competitors with mobile

It's time to embrace the new mobile reality, where speed and interactivity rule the race against competitors. Read More

February 22, 2016

Future of mobile perspectives for 2016: The long runway ahead

2015 turned out to be quite the year for mobile. Here's a look at the future of mobile in 2016. Read More

February 12, 2016

Should Cyber Monday be called Mobile Monday?

Should Cyber Monday be called Mobile Monday? Mobile is clearly the key player in this year's holiday shopping experience. Read More

December 2, 2015

Mobility takes center stage this Black Friday, up over 30 percent

Not long ago, Black Friday was an industry term rather than a cause celebre. How things have changed....and how things have stayed the same. We once... Read More

November 28, 2015

Mobile quality assurance: “Aaa- apps! I see zombies everywhere this Halloween!”

Just as there are mobile-addicted zombies wandering the Earth this Halloween, zombie apps are threatening mobile quality assurance. Read More

October 28, 2015

Mobile recruiting: Meeting new job prospects in their natural environment

The majority of job seekers use mobile in their search, but few companies are investing in mobile recruiting, despite its benefits. Read More

October 6, 2015