6 ways mobile technology can save the day

It’s frustrating enough when a flat tire or other mishap interrupts your personal business. But when these hassles threaten to interfere with your ability to serve customers, your stress level likely goes through the roof. Thankfully, mobile technology often comes through to save the day. New advances give us the tools to work from anywhere and, perhaps most importantly, to protect us from our own mistakes. Many of the disasters that once would have caused huge issues now have workarounds thanks to mobile solutions.

Here are six ways mobile technology can save the day:

1. Backing up contacts

You tell yourself that three drops of coffee can’t do any damage, and yet the phone sits lifeless on your desk. You try the rice trick to no avail. You start to panic when you realize all your business contacts are trapped in your lifeless phone. Thankfully, you backed your phone up over the weekend and have a copy of your contacts saved to the cloud. After a quick trip to the store, you download your contacts to your new phone, and you’re back in business again.

2. Accessing calendars for call-in numbers

We’ve all been there — sitting in traffic while the time for an important conference call clicks closer. It never fails that you forgot to note the call-in number and you can’t find it in your email. By having your phone synced between your laptop and mobile device, you don’t have to panic. Your conference call information will be right on your phone calendar, and you can dial in with no one being the wiser.

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3. Using maps for business meetings

The No. 1 rule for client meetings is to be on time, but it’s easy to get lost and arrive late. Meetings used to involve handwritten directions and paper maps, and you were in trouble if you forgot your directions. Today, however, the map on your phone can guide you to your next appointment, and you can even look up the address if you forgot to write it down.

4. Accessing cloud-based documents

The phone rings while you’re on the road and your boss needs a piece of important information. Instead of having to explain that the document you need is on your laptop, you can now pull up documents stored on the cloud from anywhere.

5. Paying with mobile wallets

It’s terrifying to lose your wallet, especially on a business trip. By using a mobile wallet on your phone to store credit cards, you can purchase food and pay for your hotel while hoping your wallet turns up soon.

6. Storing receipts and business cards

You just got back from a trade show and can’t find the business card you got for your hottest prospect. Or accounting is upset with you because you can’t find the receipts for a client dinner you held last month. By using either an app or the camera function on your phone, you can have a digital copy of your important items as a backup.

Mobile technology doubtless makes our lives easier in many ways. By using these features, you can significantly reduce work-related disasters and enjoy more productivity wherever you are.

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