5 April Fools’ Day mobile app pranks you can pull on your boss

By Becky Lawlor

If you’d like to spice up your workday with a fun prank on your boss for April Fools’ Day, mobile apps offer an opportunity to put a modern spin on an old tradition.

Here are five fun apps to check out if you want to pull a fast one on your boss — while still keeping it light enough that you won’t get fired!

1. Fake call apps

What would April Fools’ Day be without prank phone calls? There are several apps out there that will allow you to make prank calls, such as Prankster and PrankDial. Some let you create your own image of a caller and even your own ringtone. Others offer prerecorded character scripts with different celebrity voices that can vocalize different responses at the touch of a button.

2. Annoying buzz sound

If you’ve ever had a ringing in your ears, you know exactly how annoying a constant buzzing sound can be. Hidden sound apps such as iTorturer emit a high-frequency sound with a location that’s hard to detect. This app will drive your boss batty, especially when you say you can’t hear it.

3. Digital whoopee cushion

If you miss your childhood days of planting a whoopee cushion on people’s chairs, you can stir up some fond memories using your phone with apps such as Whoopee Cushion. With these apps, all you need to do is put your phone near where your boss is going to sit and the app takes care of the rest. Use a little common sense with this one — a morning staff meeting might be a great place to add a little embarrassment and fun, but if your boss is meeting with clients to close a deal, the prank might go south very quickly.

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4. Cracked screen or broken device

Want to make someone feel really terrible? There are a couple of variations on this app, but the main idea is to make it appear that the user broke your device or cracked its screen. Some apps, such as the BeeSwatter Prank Game, have the user play a game, where the user’s choice to “hit harder” to swat the bees makes the device stop working as cracks appear all over the screen. Other versions don’t require playing a game and will fake crack the screen either when your phone is shaken, just after touching the screen or by setting a timer to have the screen crack at a certain time.

5. Scare ’em almost to death

Make sure your boss doesn’t have a heart condition if you’re going to use this one, because these apps can make you jump out of your skin. The idea behind apps such as Scare Your Friends is to have a super scary-looking photo that pops up and yells loudly at an unsuspecting moment when the target is using your device. If it doesn’t sound that scary, you might be surprised at just how effective it is.

Even if you decide you want to stick with a more traditional prank, such as toothpaste in an Oreo cookie, there’s an app for that! The Hidden Camera app lets you watch what other pranksters have done, helping you generate some ideas for your April Fools’ Day mischief while also getting some good laughs along the way.

Whatever you do, keep it light, have fun and enjoy this fabulously funny holiday.

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